A little bit about myself…I have been in Mission Viejo since the orange groves outnumbered the people and only one stop sign in town.  With a high school sweetheart for my husband and life-long friends from kindergarten, my Mission Viejo roots run deep.

I am a mother of four and grandmother of two.  While I loved staying home with the bambinos, when the youngest went to school, a second income was a must.  So in January of 2000, I traded my violin for scissors and entered beauty school.   I soon learned that I had the perfect career for me.  I love people and I love making a difference.

When not in the salon I enjoy being outside.  From Whitney to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite to Zion, hiking has been a passion for many years. Being out on the trails and sleeping under stars recharges my creative battery.

Recently cycling has crept into my life.  With the discovery of a girls-only bike shop that has weekly rides, I’ve found a welcoming community of riders.  While cycling 100 miles in February was a bucket list accomplishment, the metric century (60) miles is my sweet spot.

Whether backpacking, cycling, kayaking or gardening a passion for the outdoors runs deep.  Invite me to go out and play and I will always say yes.

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