I am a professional salon stylist specializing in natural-looking, dimensional hair color. A Redken Certified Colorist with more than a decade experience, it is my passion to make people look and feel their best. Beauty and fashion or dynamic, so I invest significant time and effort keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques.


How would you describe your approach to doing hair color?

My approach to hair color is to create natural-looking, dimensional hair. Taking in to consideration the client’s personality, lifestyle, and maintenance preferences, my goal is to create a look that is natural and believable with a minimum of upkeep required


What advice would you give someone considering coloring hair for the first time?

For younger clients looking to add some pop to their hair style I strive to create a look that grows out easily without excessive maintenance requirements. For the business professional I recommend conservative tones close to their natural color.


Do you customize a hair color service for each and every client?

Yes. Each client is unique in look and personality, and has different needs and desires. No two clients are alike, so I create a color profile that is complementary to the individual’s skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.


What celebrity always has great hair?

Jennifer Aniston. She has a natural, elegant hair color and style that many clients seek to emulate.


What is your approach to returning hair color clients?

Providing consistent results for my returning hair color clients is a must. To achieve this goal I keep a file on each client that includes their color recipe including Redken color line, level and tone, and processing time.


What inspires your creativity?

My creativity is mostly inspired by nature. My ultimate goal is to help my client’s look and feel their best, and in my experience the best way to accomplish this is often by emulating the innocent, natural hair color you see on young children.


When did you know you wanted to do hair?

At an early age I had a desire to work in a career where I could express my creativity. At the same time I wanted an opportunity to interact with people on a regular basis and have a positive impact on their lives. Becoming a salon hair stylist was the perfect fit for me.


Describe your personal style.

Today my personal style is focused mostly on natural hair colors. However, my style evolves and changes over time. I look forward to trying new things and exploring creative and fun hair styles and colors.